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Traditional typesetting meets modern technology


If your need is for high quality ‘traditional’ typesetting, you need look no further than AMA DataSet. Our involvement in the printing industry for more than 160 years means that, frankly, we know typesetting inside out, and our typesetters have earned an excellent reputation for their skills, attention to detail and professionalism.

We believe that good quality typesetting is much more than simply laying out text and images on a page: it’s about taking care over the fine points of detail, such as hyphenation across lines, and correct use of grammar, to give a professional end result. It’s about composing pages that are pleasing on the eye, with information presented in a way that is logical and easily understood by the reader. In short, it’s about taking pride over the finished product. With AMA’s highly skilled team you can be sure that your publication will be typeset to the highest standards.

Of course technology has moved a long way in 160 years, and AMA has always been quick to embrace new technologies to ensure we can meet the exacting demands of modern publishers. For page makeup our experienced typesetters are fully competent in all the most popular programs, notably QuarkXpress, In Design, 3B2 and Ventura. For creating images such as technical drawings, and editing existing images, we use Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.

If you prefer we can manage the entire production process for you, right through to printing the finished publication. Our long-established contacts in the printing industry mean we can deliver a quality printed product at very competitive prices.

Key features

  • Work carried out by highly experienced typesetters
  • Makeup: Quark Express, In Design, 3B2, Ventura
  • Workflow: XML, SGML
  • Output to PDF, ePUB, or online
  • High res scanning of images – especially important for printed books
  • Technical illustrations
  • Redrawing of images in Illustrator or Photoshop
  • Typesetting from your database
  • Full print management
  • Competitive pricing