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Content Management System

AMA’s own online editorial system including automated typesetting. Standalone system using FileMaker


AMA's bespoke Content Management System (CMS) sits at the heart of our data and publishing services to businesses. Much more than simply a system for editing publications and websites, our CMS has been designed to give you industry-leading levels of access, flexibility and security in how you manage your online data and information.

With myriad features, effectively unlimited data storage capacity and extremely robust data security and back up, this is an ideal content management system for publishers and website owners.

For publishers it enables fast, accurate and secure online data editing, dramatically reducing the time and cost of creating and updating your publications. In fact our CMS opens up almost limitless editorial possibilities, with ample scope for customisation, including additional functionality, to meet the specific needs of your authors, editors and production processes. For example, the system will email individual entrants asking them to update their entries; they can then key in their updated information onto the test system and the updated information will only go live when authorised by the editor or administrator.

For website owners our CMS provides excellent user-editing capabilities, impressive functionality, rapid response times and full e-commerce capability.

Our CMS is also set up to make testing of new content easier than ever. Changes are made in a test version and can be viewed on screen exactly as they will appear in the finished publication or web page. The actual live content remains unaffected until you accept the new version.

If yours is an international business, the CMS will not only translate your content effortlessly into and from English, but will also automatically ‘mirror’ the page for languages which read right to left, such as Chinese and Arabic.

CMS – Key features

  • Developed exclusively by AMA
  • Enables end-user online editing and publishing in real time (see AUTOSET)
  • Online web publishing 
  • Full auditing capability with change log and track changes for every transaction 
  • Full administrative control
  • Upload images and position on the page
  • Auto save facility – never lose data you have entered
  • Automatic translation of text from one language to another
  • Multi-tier user access – you can decide the access levels for individual users 
  • Generate bespoke reports on screen

Benefits of AMA CMS

  • A dynamic and versatile online editorial solution for publishers
  • User-friendly features, no technical knowledge required
  • Customisable
  • Convert data from one format to another
  • Brings all your data together in one powerful database 
  • Data stored on servers at multiple locations for security and resilience

CMS Specifications

  • Full auditing
  • Multi-user and multi-tier user access
  • Change log and track changes
  • Rich-text editing (bold, italics, etc.)
  • Auto save 
  • Report generation on screen
  • Legacy data support
  • Spell checker
  • Online web publishing
    • Inline editing
    • Integration with other sites
  • Online publishing
    • Powerful Search facility
    • Entrant update facility via email
    • Entrant update access
    • Entry sign-off and locking
    • Notification of sign-off to editors
    • Filler insert facility
    • Automatic indexing
    • Upload live CSV file data
    • CSV reports for custom analysis

Security and performance

  • Delivered via high-end servers at multiple secure locations in London and Dublin
  • Hosted by AMA, not open source
  • All contents held within database
  • Rapid development and redeployment
  • Data remotely backed-up every two hours


  • Built on Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP/Perl 
  • Core i7, 8Gb RAM, 1.5Tb RAID, unlimited bandwidth 
  • Multi server with back-to-back replication
  • Rapid DNS switch over, less than 60 seconds
  • Amazon S3 Cloud and elastic storage
  • Outputs 250 pages per minute
  • Full SGML / XML support
  • Running concurrent versioning