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Auto typesetting of the directories or online delivery


An industry-leading automated typesetting system offering major savings in production times and costs

AMA AUTOSET is our advanced online automatic typesetting system, giving book and directory publishers a rapid, efficient means of creating and editing pages for publication. With AMA’s proprietary Content Management System (CMS) at its core, AUTOSET gives authorised users a powerful and flexible editorial tool, enabling much faster typesetting of publications than is possible using traditional manual methods.

AUTOSET offers very significant benefits to publishers, especially where a large amount of information needs to be gathered from many different sources, for example an annual directory. Automating the editing process speeds up your information gathering, reduces the cost and time for proofing and enables you to produce a more accurate and up to date printed publication.

Fully customised screens enable editors to create, amend, proof and sign off complete pages online, in real time, with no paperwork needed. Multiple remote users can edit their pages online – with access levels determined by you – while the editorial team can check progress and proof any entry in real time. A change log provides immediate notification when an entry is updated. Indexing is automatic, saving time and ensuring accuracy with no omissions.

The system will layout pages automatically in the style you require, and can easily accommodate different formats for the same publication, for example, A4 or pocket sized, with minimal intervention from the editor. Section pages, images, fillers, table of contents and cross-index can be compiled all at the same time, saving time in production. And auto pagination means that you can calculate the precise length of the copy at any stage.

AUTOSET can produce typically 250 pages per minute, allowing you to make amendments up to the last possible moment in the publishing process, with proofing and re-proofing at no extra cost. Once the publication is signed off, the system provides a finished press ready proof at the touch of a button.

All data is held by AMA on high end secure servers at multiple sites, ensuring the maximum possible security and availability of your data. Full details of our database and server infrastructure are available on request.

AMA AUTOSET – setting the standard for automated typesetting.

AMA AUTOSET key features

  • Online publishing using AMA’s award winning CMS platform
  • Real-time proofing
  • Full proofing logs – who has proofed what, where and when
  • Logical, intuitive screens designed for ease of use
  • Fully customised to your requirements
  • Multiple password protected access levels
  • Updated entries automatically typeset on the page
  • Press ready PDF proofs delivered online
  • Multi-template – automatically lays out pages in the specified style
  • Full audit trail
  • Ideal for publishers of complex directories.

Benefits versus traditional typesetting

  • Faster and easier data gathering
  • Rapid proofing
  • Improved accuracy of content
  • Paperwork eliminated
  • Reduced costs
  • Shorter production times.

Case study

The Good Beer Guide

A 800 page guide to real ale pubs in the UK, updated annually. The publisher, CAMRA, collects updated information from more than 150 local groups and then updates the database. Previously this was a manual exercise, with local groups providing the new information by post or fax on a paper template. This would typically take at least 3 months to complete. With AMA AUTOSET the process is managed by a single editor, with sub editors (local groups) entering their updated data online via a secure website. The updated entries are automatically typeset onto the page and the editor can check these in real time, as soon as they are entered.

The result is a publication which is more accurate and more up to date, produced in a fraction of the time compared to previously, and all managed by a single editor, giving significant savings on staff costs.