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Create iPhone and Android App with CMS integration


Access to your services on demand, any time, anywhere

Apps for mobile devices are becoming hugely popular as a means of obtaining information about specific products and services. More and more businesses are releasing apps as an essential element of their overall communications strategy. One of the great advantages of apps is that the data is cached onto the device, so once it is downloaded it doesn’t need an internet connection, except for updates.

AMA develops customised apps for Android (including Android tablet), iPhone and iPad. Typically the app will replicate information from an existing product, such as a directory, and make this available on the mobile device, so it can be viewed any time, any place. As the app normally uses existing data held within the CMS, we can develop new apps rapidly and cost effectively.

The publisher still controls the content, and updates can be created very easily and automatically downloaded to the device when an internet connection is established. So for example, if details of a particular establishment or product have changed, once the change is approved and the CMS updated it will automatically synchronise with the app, so the information in the app is always as up to date as the main database.

Apps can be viewed on any browser, CD or pen drive, or any other external storage device.

If you have information that you would like to be available to your customers or members 24/7, talk to AMA about developing your very own customised app.

Key features

  • Integrated with online CMS
  • Application to CD
  • Off-line roaming
  • Automatic updates
  • Rapid development time as it replicates existing data
  • Create your own apps